When a group of people sit down to play using ACKS, the participants are called players, and they take on the role of a character (or, sometimes, more than one character). Characters played by players are referred to as player characters or adventurers.

Characters have attributes, which determine how strong, smart, and otherwise talented they are. Based on their attributes, characters each will select a class, such as fighter or mage, which might be thought of as a profession, and which dictates what sorts of training and capabilities characters can develop, including their unique class powers and trained proficiencies. Characters have levels of experience, or class levels, which measure how well-developed and powerful they are. Player characters begin at 1st level in a particular class. Normal people, lacking the call to adventure, are generally 0th level characters. Spellcasters have caster levels, which are usually but not always equal to their class level, that determine how effective their magic is.

Character Creation

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