This is a compilation of blogs, forums, and more where people write about and discuss ACKS, the world of Cybele, and TTRPG's in general. Unofficial links here are to third-party publications and may contain material or commentary unique to their creators. This should not be taken as endorsement or canonicity of any content or commentary at the link.

Official Blogs and Links[]

Arbiter of Worlds YouTube Channel

Autarch Discord

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Autarch Forum

Unofficial/Fan-Made Blogs and Forums[]

Harrrowed's Substack - Discussion of worldbuilding and maps within the Auran setting

Annals of the North - Session reports, custom classes, commentary, and more

Primeval Patterns - Thoughts and commentary on general ttrpg mechanics

Brigadungeon - Session reports and commentary for long-term campaigns run using ACKS

BDubs and Dragons - Session reports for long-term campaigns run using ACKS

Unofficial Video Channels[]

Tom's Game Table - All things D&D, miniature wargaming, and board games. GM Philosophy and ACKS commentary.